American Trails Gallery

American Trails Gallery proudly features the art and crafts of the indigenous peoples of the America’s. Weavings from the Navajo’s and Zapotec’s, carvings from the Hopi, Zuni, Haida, Kwakiutl, Iniuit and Oaxaca, ceramics from many of the pueblos in the Southwest, Acoma, San Ildefonso, Zuni,Cochiti and the Mata Ortiz of Mexico, handmade historic and contemporary jewelery from the Pueblos, Zuni, Santo Domingo, Navajos as well as from Taxco. The largest selection of Historic Basketry in the Pacific Northwest including Pomo, Maidu, Hoopa, Karok, Wintun, Shasta, Modoc and many more. We also feature Regional artists depicting the Wildlife and Landscapes of the area. When you purchase a gift from American Trails you are helping to support hundreds of families who are working hard to keep the traditional Arts and Crafts of their communites alive and well.

The American Trails Gallery which for 23 years was located at 250 East Main street on the Plaza in Ashland is being reopened at a new location 250 East Main street. Shane Bloodworth who managed the Gallery for many years has just retired from the Corporate world and always dreamed of having a Gallery of his own so he approached David Bobb to form a partnership to do just that. Shane will be owner/manager and David will help with the selection of art and with appraisals.

Open 10 am to 6 pm everyday excluding holidays