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FREE Online Appraisals-Native American Artifacts

courtesy of owner Dave Bobb

We specialize in getting you the realistic current value of your historic American Indian baskets, rugs, artifacts and weavings,  David has thirty years of experience in the Native Arts field along with a diverse background including; a Masters Degree from Berkeley in Landscape Architecture; Ten years of Historic Restoration Contracting; Co-founder of the Sacramento River Preservation Trust; Co-founder of the Ashland Gallery Association; and founder of Ashlands Festival of Light.  He is also and Emeritis Board member for the Center for the Study of First Americans at Texas A & M.

We buy, sell, trade and take consignments on the Indigenous arts of the America’s.

Please allow 14 days for the appraisal.

This free service is very popular, and Dave can only devote a limited amount of time each day to appraisals.

Please help us by describing the item(s) (please limit to 6) as well as you can. Give as much detail as you can. You need to send us pictures in JPG or GIF format, and shoot baskets from the bottom as well as the side.  You can e-mail them to us at or you can mail photos to:

American Trails, 250 East Main St. Ashland, OR 97520

Please provide a detailed description of the item(s).

Be sure to include dimensions (height, width and length), condition (any damage, stains, missing stitches, etc) and any special characteristics:

How did you obtain these items?

Please include any history that you know about the item(s) including time frames, geographic locations, tribe names, etc … where possible

What is the reason for your appaisal? Insurance Value? Retail Value?

Would you be interested in selling if the value is enough?

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